Core Biology Facility

Core Biology FacilityThe Center for Protease Research Core Biology Facility (CBF) was created in 2003 to aid in the in vitro testing of inhibitors of matrix metalloproteases and histone deacetylases. Since its inception, CBF has served as a biomedical research center for a wide variety of research projects on NDSU campus and throughout the region, and become a hub for connecting scientists for collaboration.

CBF provides state-of-the-art equipment and technical support for molecular biology applications, bioassay development/analysis, and cell biology techniques. CBF houses a Molecular Biology Lab, a Tissue Culture Lab, and a Bio Assay Lab, and is equipped with a flow cytometer, cell sorter, real-time PCR machines, microarray scanner, fluorescence/absorbance/bioluminescence microplate readers, iBright FL1500, Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, thermocyclers, fluorescence microscope with digital color camera, NanoDrop spectrophotometer, and protein electrophoresis and blotting systems, in addition to basic molecular biology, biochemical, and tissue culture instrumentation.

Assays performed at CBF include: cell sorting, flow cytometry based assays such as apoptosis, cell cycle, genome size determination and immunophenotyping, blue native gel electrophoresis, cellular bioenergetics, DNA/RNA/protein quantity and quality control, DNA damage and repair, enzyme assay, fluorescence microscopy, gene expression, microarray, mycoplasma test, and Western blot.

CBF provides services at four levels: consultation and experimental design, training clients to use instruments by themselves, running experiments for clients and data analysis, and collaboration.

Dr. Amber Chevalier, is the manager of the facility and is available to provide technical training, consultations on experimental design, sample analysis, and data processing. Please see more information about the Molecular Biology Lab, Tissue Culture Lab, and Bio Assay Lab.

Dr. Mukund P. Sibi, Professor, is the director of the facility. He is a North Dakota State University Distinguished Professor and a James A. Meier Professor. Dr. Sibi has a wide range of synthetic expertise. His group has developed novel methods for the preparation of succinates, a common structural motif found in known MMP inhibitors. He also has made extensive contributions to the field of amino acid chemistry, radical chemistry and Chiral Lewis acid-mediated reactions.

If you are interested in touring CBF, using the equipment, or visiting with Dr. Chevalier about potential projects, please contact her at