Core Biology Facility Rates for 2017-2018

Lab, Equipment, or Service Unit  Price ($)
Molecular Biology Lab1 Day 10
Tissue Culture Lab2 Hour 21.5
Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer3 (unassisted) Hour 30
Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer3 (assisted) Hour 45
FACSJazz Cell Sorter4 (assisted) Hour 80
FACSJazz Cell Sorter4 Hour 50
ABI 7500 Fast Real Time PCR Machine5 Run 36
Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer6 Run 10
Microplate readers7 Scan 10
Leica DM IL Inverted Fluorescence Microscope8         Hour 12
Liquid Nitrogen Cell Storage Box/month 8
Liquid Nitrogen Liter 1.80
Labor9 Hour 38.38
 Minimum 10% surcharge on CBF stocks
 45.0% surcharge for non-NDSU clients


1. This fee covers the following pieces of equipment located in Quentin Burdick Building 316. The fee is $10/day/person. Clients must provide their own reagents and consumables to use the equipment.

DNA/RNA/Protein workstations
DNA/RNA gel electrophoresis system
Invitrogen/Bio-Rad protein gel electrophoresis systems
Bio-Rad Trans-blot systems
Life Technologies iBlot dry blotting system
ABI traditional PCR thermocyclers
GE Health Storm 865 Imager
Nanodrop 2000C
DU-530 Spectrophotometer
Eppendorf Microcentrifuges
Table-top Sorvall Legend XTR Centrifuge
Heat Blocks, Balances, pH meter and Vortexes
Pipettes and multichannel pipettes
Computers equipped with FlowJo, Prism, Microsoft Office, BD Accuri C6 software, and ImageQuantTL

2. This fee covers regular plastic consumables, VWR microscopes (bright field and inverted), cell counter usage, centrifuge usage, CO2 incubators, and cell storage. Media and media components are not included.15 minutes minimum. Additional use is charged in 5 minute increments.

3. $30/hour if operated on your own and $45/hour if assisted by CBF with 5 minute increments. Cell strainer is NOT included in the charge.

4. $80 per hour if assisted by CBF. $50 per hour if operated on your own. Must be certified by CBF if clients want to operate by themselves. 5 minute increments. Cell strainer is NOT included in the charge.

5. This fee does NOT include qPCR plates, sealing films and qPCR plate preparation.

6. Instrument only. Chips, reagents and consumables are not included.

7. Instruments including Biotek Synergy H1MF, Thermo Scientific Multiskan Spectrum spectrophotometer and Gemini EM fluorimeter. The Multiskan spectrophotometer and the Gemini fluorimeter are no longer covered by service contracts and therefore clients who choose to use the two microplate readers take their own risks of data inaccuracy. Clients are strongly recommended to use the Biotek H1MF.

8. 5 minute increments. $6/hour if fluorescence is not used.

9. Labor charges for training, consultation, performing experiments, and data analysis.