Microbiome Seminars

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Microbiome – The be all and end all

Photo credit: Diana Swantek, Berkeley Lab

Photo credit: Diana Swantek, Berkeley Lab

Microbiome research is one of the hottest scientific topics in the past two years. It is a very broad and multidisciplinary research area, which has application in areas from agriculture to zoology. The White House Office of Science and Technology recently announced a new ‘National Microbiome Initiative” (NMI) with the goal of supporting interdisciplinary research.

The Center for Protease Research and the Cellular & Molecular Biology interdisciplinary graduate program (CMB) will host a yearlong seminar series on “Microbiome” with the intent of introducing the concept and assessing the capacity for establishing a “Center for Microbiome Studies” at NDSU.

The goal for the seminar series is to provide a ‘scientific forum’ where NDSU faculty and students from a variety of disciplines can interact and discuss potential collaborations. Some details on the seminar series are provided below.

Faculty and students who are interested in making presentations and departments that would like to suggest outside speakers please contact Mukund Sibi (Mukund.Sibi@ndsu.edu), Jane Schuch (Jane.Schuh@ndsu.edu), or Charlene de Celle (charlene.decelle@ndsu.edu).

When: Every other Thursday for spring semester 2017. Please call 701-231-6114 to confirm date

Place: Van Es 101

Time: 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM

Coffee and treats will be served at 3:00 PM

Audio & slides of past presentations:

02/02/17: Dr. Larry Reynolds “Placental and other Reproductive Microbiomes – Role in Reproductive Success and Reproductive Problems”

01/19/17: Dr. Kalidas Shetty  “Metabolic Innovations to Develop Food Microbiome for Global Food Security and Health Solutions”

11/18/16: Dr. Mary Beth Leigh  “Addressing Alaska’s environmental challenges through art, science, and microbial community building”

10/25/16: Dr. Peter Bergholz  “Probing the role of the soil microbiome in susceptibility of prairie pothole wetlands to invasion by a foodborne pathogen”

10/11/16: Dr. Laura Aldrich-Wolfe “The Coffee Root Microbiome –what can high-throughput sequencing tell us about the fungi of the rhizosphere?”

9/27/16: Dr. Glenn Dorsam “Neuropeptides and the gut microbiome”

9/13/16: Dr. Amanda Brooks  “The gut microbiome, a central regulator of glucoregulation and weight regain following bariatric surgery”