Our Members

Dr. Mukund Sibi
Professor, Chemistry - Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Director, The Center for Protease Research
Sibi Group Webpage

The Center is led by Dr. Mukund P. Sibi, James A. Meier and University Distinguished Professor, and 2008 winner of the Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award. Dr. Sibi was key to the program’s inception in 2001.
Charlene de Celle
Administrative Coordinator


Charlene de Celle joined the Center for Protease Research in August 2014. She holds a B.S. in Business Management from Arizona State University.

External Advisory Board Members
Dr. Jeffrey Aube
Jeff Aube Research Page

University Distinguished Professor of Medicinal Chemistry University of Kansas Specialized Chemistry Center 2034 Becker Drive Structural Biology Center, West Campus Lawrence, KS 66047
Dr. James B. McCarthy
MICaB Faculty Page

University of Minnesota Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology MMC 609 Mayo 8609 420 Delaware Minneapolis, MN 55455
Dr. Danny R. Welch
Professor and Chair


University of Kansas Medical Center Adjunct Faculty of Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology 2003 Wahl Hall West 3901 Rainbow Blvd Kansas City, KS 68160

Core Facility Managers

Two Core Facilities play an integral part of the Center for Protease Research.They are designed to assist principle investigators with biomedical research and are excellent resources for assistance with data analysis, research consultations, and use of Core equipment.

Dr. Tao Wang
Research Assistant Professor / Chemistry & Biochemistry


Tao is the manager of our Core Biology Facility, which includes Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology, and Bioassay labs.

Dr. Bin Guo
Associate Professor / Pharmaceutical Sciences
Guo Group Webpage

Dr. Guo has established a research program to study the regulation of cancer cell apoptosis. He is interested in the investigation of the molecular mechanisms that control cancer cell death in response to chemotherapeutic drugs.
Dr. Katie Reindl
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences


Dr. Reindl has developed a research program to investigate the effects of dietary phytochemicals on cancer cell behavior. She is interested in understanding the underlying molecular mechanisms by which these agents, alone or in combination with chemo and radiation therapies, prevent the progression of various solid tumors.
Teresa Bergholz
Assistant Professor, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences


Dr. Estelle Leclerc
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Leclerc is interested in understanding the role of the Receptor for Advanced Glycation End Products (RAGE) in cancer. RAGE promotes tumor growth and metastasis formation in many cancers. Her group is focusing on two aggressive cancers: pancreatic adenocarcinoma and melanoma. She has developed a panel of monoclonal antibodies that can block the activation of the receptor by its ligands and is currently testing the effect of these antibodies in animal models.

Dr. Sheela Ramamoorthy
Assistant Professor, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences


Past Investigators
Dr. Gregory Cook
Professor and Chair, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Cook Group Webpage

Dr. Cook has initiated a vigorous program in the application of organometallic catalysis to organic synthesis with a focus on the preparation of unnatural amino acids. His group will use their amino acid expertise in the development of new protease inhibitors.
Dr. Glenn Dorsam
Assistant Professor, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences
Dorsam Lab

Dr. Dorsam has established a research program based on the epigenetic transcriptional regulation controlling how cells proliferate and differentiate. He is specifically interested in the investigation of molecular mechanisms governing Ikaros-mediated transcriptional regulation of vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor-1 (VPACR-1) in T lymphocytes.
Dr. Stuart Haring
Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry


Dr. John McEvoy
Associate Professor / Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences


Pathogenic Microbiology. Research Interests: Cryptosporidium virulence factors and mechanisms of pathogenesis. Academic Interests: Microbial pathogenesis.
Dr. Steven Qian
Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Qian is studying the roles of free radical metabolites from lipid peroxidation during progression/treatment of human diseases, including cancer. His group developed and utilizes a novel technique, HPLC/ESR/MS, along with molecular biological techniques to assess the relationship between lipid-derived inflammatory molecules and COX/LOX expression during disease development/treatment.
Dr. Jane Schuh
Associate Professor, Veterinary and Microbiological Sciences
Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources


Dr. Schuh’s research program examines the development and maintenance of allergic asthma in an experimental murine model. She is particularly interested in the biology of chronic outcomes of the disease.
Dr. Christopher Colbert
Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Colbert Lab

Dr. Nathan Fisher
Assistant Professor, Veterinary & Microbiological Sciences


Dr. Kendra Greenlee
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences
Greenlee Lab

Insect Physiology and Immunology. Research interests include body size variation and respiratory system physiology in insects, with an emphasis on the effects of hypoxia on respiratory functions and molting. I am also interested in insect immunity and the response to bacterial and parasite infections.
Dr. Yagna Jarajapu
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Guodong Liu
Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry


Dr. Kenton Rodgers
Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry


Dr. Sangita Sinha
Assistant Professor, Chemistry/Biochemistry
Sinha Lab

Research interests are in structural biology with a focus on autophagy.
Dr. Chengwen Sun
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences


Cardiovascular Pharmacology. My current research is focused on central blood pressure regulation and pathogenesis of hypertension to identify novel targets for the treatment of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.
Dr. Erxi Wu
Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences